Six Tips for First-Time Buyers

Finding a home is an expensive business, and it is hugely important to get things right in order to make the process as efficient and stress-free as possible. Here are some top tips.

Pick a Realistic Budget

Remember that your budget will not just have to cover the price of the property or a five to 20 per cent deposit but also such fees as valuation costs and payment for surveys and your conveyancing solicitors London or elsewhere.

There will also be fees that are attached to your mortgage, such as an arrangement fee, mortgage valuation fee and booking fee, and so it is recommended that you have at least £2,500 to spare after you have factored in your deposit to cover such costs.

Find the Right Conveyancer

It’s important to use an experienced conveyancer such as to ensure you get the thorough service that you need. Your conveyancer is very important, as they can give you invaluable legal advice as well as undertake important searches, deal with Land Registry and handle contracts. Read more about the role of the Land Registry at

Be Careful with Paperwork

A major cause of delays is in accurate paperwork, and so take your time and ensure everything is done correctly. Always be open and honest to avoid legal issues in the future.

Be Patient

It may be hard when you can’t wait to get the keys to your new home, but it is essential that the process is completed properly and not rushed. The conveyancing process may seem like it involves far too much paperwork, for example, but these legal aspects will protect you and your investment, both now and in the future.

Good Communication Is Key

Make sure you are always in the loop when it comes to communication between your agent, your conveyancer, your mortgage advisor and the seller. Keep an eye on your emails too, as you don’t want important documents getting lost in junk folders.

Ensure You Are Happy at the End

Make sure that you are ultimately happy with the negotiations and final arrangements. Take advice from your conveyancer to make sure you get the best possible deal, both in the short and longer term. Make sure you raise any issues you are unhappy with along with way.