Tips to Make a Tipi Experience Safe and Comfortable

Tipi camping has taken adventure lovers by a storm. Its structure’s simplicity has always attracted many people since they are not complicated when installed correctly. They are incredibly robust and spacious inside. Plenty of gleaming tipis are built on wooden platforms and have queen-sized beds and aircon systems too.

Although many features together make it a lovely way to enjoy a fun-filled evening, you might be more interested in experiencing a wood fire in the middle in cooler temperatures.

After you have chosen the best tipi rental package in the town, you would want to make sure your evening is as much enjoyable as possible. Below are some tips to enjoy the evening with your partner, friends, or family members.

  • Use Dry Wood

Some people like to play musical chairs around a misty campfire. For some, it may be annoying though it’s still manageable. Make sure to have dry wood so the smoke doesn’t accumulate in a tipi quickly. Moreover, your clothing and bags need to be as lower to the ground as possible.

  • Set up Some Indirect Lighting

Tipis become pretty dark in the evening so you would need to have some light to create a great vibe. You can set up your headlamps up on the walls to make a beautiful camp scene. Moreover, you must have lightning for safety purposes since you will be sleeping around a fire pit.

  • Get the Fire Extinguisher Ready

Sleeping inside a canvas-made tipi with a wood fire on, it’s a must to have a fire extinguisher ready in hand. Make sure everyone in the tent knows where the fire extinguisher is. While the chances of happening something are almost none, it’s always better to take safety measures than to be sorry at a later stage.

You may bring a few rocking camp chairs with you to set up outside of the tipi. Make sure the chairs you bring along are of supreme comfort so you can feet up on the hearth, enjoy the music, and tell each other different stories for hours.