Moving to Washington DC? Hacks and Tips for 2020

Whether you’re looking for a fresh start or have a plan in mind that you’d like to see realized, Washington DC is a perfect destination to upturn your life, for the better. Moving is an exhilarating way of letting positive changes happen. But not all moves are smooth, and moving to Washington has got its kinks – from the roads to the scheduling, here’s everything you need to know to make it all a breeze. Here are all the best juicy hacks and tips the movers in the Washington, DC don’t want you to know.

Hack #1 – Cover your bases

Did you know that damage to your belongings usually happens during their handling, and not during the transportation? Please make sure to choose DC’s pro movers to guarantee your items are as safe as they can be. Take photos of your things before the trip, and make sure the moving company is insured. Additionally, most moving companies’ insurance doesn’t cover items you’ve packed yourself. Be aware of that and find a moving company you can trust to do the packing for you.

Hack #2 – Get better deals

As you may very well know, the moving companies in Washington, DC can have higher average costs of moving, thanks to the general affluence of the region. That’s all well and good, but there are better ways to go about it when planning your move into the area. You can choose great movers that cover the entire DMV area, for a fraction of the final cost. That way, your best moving company for Washington, DC, could be an outside company. Given that they’re competing on a different scale entirely, it makes sense that the rates will be better distributed. That will let you save some cash while also getting your money’s worth.

Hack #3 – Follow the script

Moving days are hectic, at the best of times. If you’re not a fan of that, do away with the improvisational aspect entirely, and write out a plan of your exact actions. Having this cheat-sheet of all you need to do will make you more confident and save you from any silly mistakes. Some valuable things to include might be: place your pet in its kennel, organize your essentials bag and plan out how you’ll occupy your children. Most of all, if something goes awry, keep calm and don’t panic. Your Washington DC movers have likely seen it a thousand times before and already know the solution.

Hack #4 – Don’t relax yet

Once you’ve moved all the boxes in, you may be tempted to rest up after an exhausting day. But doing so delays what needs to be done, and is likely to inconvenience you down the line. Unless you’re entirely exhausted, start unpacking once the local movers in DC have left. Prioritize your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom areas – in that order, as these are the ones you’ll need most. Once that’s done, you can finally rest. As you’ve freshened up the morning after, you should start unpacking the rooms you’ll spend the most time in first. A great tip is not unboxing your entertainment devices too soon since the temptation is going to increase. You don’t want to wind up with unopened packages littering your house half a year later, so it’s best to get them out of your hair first. Unpacking is the last step of the way, often seen as the hardest. If you’d instead take it easy after all, your moving team will likely be happy to handle it for you, for a price.

We hope these hacks will help you along the way to a great move!


Author: WebEditor