Dry fog mold removal

For decades, dry fog mold removal has been in existence. Still, it has only gained popularity recently as an effective, fast, and safe way of ensuring your room is sterilized and ensuring the COVID virus gets eradicated. Most people may not know that this is the best way of getting rid of mold that is airborne or those dwelling under floors, around places where there is poor plumbing, or in walls.

Immediately you notice any mold infestation or detect some musky odors emanating from damp spots on the walls of your house or your floor, call in professionals to help you curb the situation.

Dry fog mold removal is an essential service that people need to invest in. The health of humans is at risk whenever there are mold spores spotted. Some researchers have linked mold to lung diseases, respiratory diseases, and cancer. Despite decay getting restricted to certain areas of your residence, its spores are airborne, meaning they can travel all over the affected house, leading to residents inhaling it.

In other instances, mold does develop in office rooms which contributes to the illness of employees. Almost every business tries to avoid potential lawsuits that follow if employees feel their health is at risk.

When experts get called in to perform dry fog removal, household heads and business owners are assured of safety, effectiveness, environment-friendly process, and fast.

How cold fertilization mold removal works

The process uses a specialized mechanism whereby air pressure is standardized to atomize sterilants while forming a fog of protected chemicals with sterilizing areas that cannot get accessed by liquid and other conventional mold removal treatments. The particles creating fogs range from 6-8 microns in diameter, making the process suitable for seeking and eradicating mold.  The spores vary from 30-100 microns in length, making it easy for the droplets of fog to attach to the mold and wipe it out.

The amount of air pressure required in the dry fog mold removal process generates enough force in a living space allowing sterilants to go through cracks, porous materials, and tiny gaps where mold tends to hide. Dry fogging is capable of removing fog mold from almost every part of your house and household.

Just like the name suggests, dry fogging utilizes a moisture-free delivery process that is safe. That insinuates there is zero chance of your households getting damaged. On the other hand, it is entirely safe for people and pets. When experts conduct the process, you can be sure that the mold spores in your house get killed instantly.

Dry fog mold removal process

The first thing experts do is carrying out an extensive inspection of your house. The inspection step is one of the critical steps in this process. It helps the specialists to understand many things among them, the type of mold they are dealing with, the location of the mold, how far it has spread, and most importantly, its point of origin.

Once the experts have conducted the inspection process, they come up with a strategy of eradicating it. The specialists will also educate clients on what has been causing the mold and what measures they should put in place to avoid such troubles in the future.

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