Many homeowners need to know when their roof needs to be replaced. It is easy to forget about roofing systems and get caught up in life. The roof’s health can be affected by key factors like its age, materials used, and construction method.

These warning signs can indicate a roof that is failing if you own a Florida residential property. You can save your property’s roof by catching any problem early.

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Your roof’s components wear down with time every day. Your roofing system’s lifespan can be significantly reduced by rainwater and ultraviolet rays. A missing or loose roof tile usually indicates that the tile has reached its end of useful life. Multiple missing tiles could pose a bigger problem. Also, roof decay can lead to roof damage. This can cause roof leaks, mold, and even a sagging ceiling.


Visible mold in your home is not a good sign. Mold can cause respiratory problems such as wheezing, trouble breathing, and coughing in sensitive people.

What is the best way to prevent mold from growing on your roof? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that mold can grow in areas with a lot of moisture, especially roof leaks. If there is a leak, small pools of water could form in an attic in Florida. Poorly executed tile underlayment, missing or damaged tiles can allow moisture to enter your roof and cause mold growth. Your roofing system will be affected if mold is not addressed.

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Author: Marcel van Oers